Also, I think I might do a giveaway. I’m not sure. I’ll think about it, would be cool!

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Slowly reading through Eastern Body Western Mind and learning to speak my truth and not be afraid that people won’t like it when I stand up for myself. One of the things I push aside to make people happy (which is all in my head anyway), is not painting or drawing or reading in front of people because there could be more productive things I should be doing. Like chores, or whatever. I wonder if other people feel guilty about doing their artwork, like it’s a selfish act. Nobody has ever even said to me “stop painting and wash the dishes!”, so I don’t know where this stems from…something indirect. Life is strange, how your fears manifest from one thing and evolves into new fears that you created yourself. 

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Me in our ‘tiny house’. Just realised I have never posted photos of our little shack. That ladder goes up to the loft Jay built which is where we sleep. That bed is his mums. 

Me in our ‘tiny house’. Just realised I have never posted photos of our little shack. That ladder goes up to the loft Jay built which is where we sleep. That bed is his mums. 

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It’s hard to keep my Tumblr updated regularly.

It doesn’t matter.

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A number of colours to choose from at

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Exhbition coming up

The café I work at has a big back room where once a month they hold a crafts market, they also do yoga classes and dance lessons etc. A beautiful woman just took over the running of it and she is holding an exhibition opening night to celebrate and she asked me to show a few pieces with some other local artists. I feel so honoured and scared at the same time. I am sort of just starting to show my work to people I know, and to think of a room full of strangers seeing my art and I can’t hide behind a computer… I’m nervous but I know I can be proud.

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Ethereal Monkey T-shirt by lowluna →

Tshirts with my artwork on them, even for babies! I am so excited! I will be uploading more artwork, definitely, but I couldn’t wait - I had to share! I am buying one for myself right now. Yay :)

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Haha ha ha, I just saw a post that had an Arch Enemy music video, I remember when I worked in hospitality in Melbourne, this guy came in and he was a roadie for Arch Enemy, they were playing a show that night and the lead singer wrote this untangible list of food she demanded and it had to be from OUR restaurant, and his only job was to get this specific food, most of which we did not serve but he was so scared of her, I mean really begging me, I felt sorry for him and made the damn food. 

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Birthday and Baroness

It’s my birthday and I went to Soundwave in Sydney over the weekend and saw Baroness, and then went to their sideshow with Gojira and Mastodon and it was the best night of my life. Seriously, just so amazing. A dream come true. I was given the set list from one of the security dudes, and then met John Baizely afterwards and he signed it for me. On our way home we found out he was having an art exhibition at a gallery in Sydney but we had to get home and it broke my heart to miss that, but one day I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity. 

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Anonymous asked: hi there i saw your question on dreadlock info about your dreads being thin , did you change the thickness or did you stay with them really thin ? i woul like to do them very thin also but not shure if is a good choice was your experience positive? thank you flower


Hey! That’s a really good question, I’m glad you messaged me. When I was trying to find information on the topic I was really nervous, I wanted thin dreads but I was sooo scared they would end up getting thinner and snapping in half or just pull out of my head! I heard that dreads will eventually ‘eat’ loose hair and get thicker and thicker over time, so I wanted to start with dreadlocks that were slightly smaller than my ideal size, to allow room for growth if that makes sense. But again, I was scared, I didn’t want them to end up too fat either. 

It’s interesting I received this question today of all days because it’s my birthday, exactly one year since I started my dreads, which means they have reached maturity now.

So, I did heaps of research and read that if you want thin dreads, it’s recommended you don’t make your sections smaller than one inch squared, so that’s what I did, they are all one inch sections in perfect squares. I did a ‘bricklay pattern’. I used twist and rip method, which took me an insanely long time (literally about an hour per dread, but I AM SO GLAD I did that method!). On the dread info page they have information on sectioning and methods. I recommend going there, and watching Youtube videos too.

I started at the base of my neck, and took the below photo. This was my first two rows complete. They turned out very thin, but were really dense and tight. At the bottoms they were so thin, like headphone cords or the lead of a pencil. They felt strong, but I was still worried they might be too thin. Although I was very happy about the look of them. I decided it was better to keep going with small dreads, because I could combine them later, it’s easier to make dreads fatter then make them smaller once you’re done.  


Below photos are after the third row, and better show the texture.



A year later, they have changed a lot. I unfortunately don’t have my camera with me now to take close up photos, but when I’m home tonight I will and I’ll upload them tomorrow. 

But here’s what I’ve experienced, after doing no maintenance, and washing about once a week with baking soda and water, sometimes liquid shampoo, sometimes a shampoo bar, sometimes conditioner too. I have also bleached my dreadlocks about 5 times, dyed them pink once, and then bleached them again. I am now letting my hair grow back to it’s natural colour. For the first 3 months, they hardly changed. They grew a bit, and the new growth didn’t seem to dread up by itsself but I expected this at the start. Then it seemed like overnight they suddenly got kinks and went zig zaggy, and the new growth knotted itsself nice and tight (I still always have a couple of inches undreaded at the base but that’s normal). At the back some of the dreads became quite flat from where I sleep. I wouldn’t say they fattened up, but they appear fatter because they sort of zig zagged which makes them look bunched up and shorter. I’m definitely going to post photos of these ones tomorrow, you have to see them to know what I mean. After being dyed and being really thin, they are still strong and I am no longer worried about them just snapping in half or getting thinner.

The dreadlocks on the top half of my dread are a few months younger than the ones at the nape of my neck, and they are all still quite straight and thin. 

This is what my hair looks like now. 





Some of my dreads are slightly thicker than one inch at the root so that’s why there are some thicker ones. I wanted to experiment with a couple so I tried bigger ones.

So, hmm, I’m not really sure what my top dreads are going to do. Maybe the ones at my neck only zig zagged so much because that’s where dreadlocks are most rubbed and squashed, laying against pillows and backs of couches. Or maybe they’ll all do it and look crazy! 

I am at the point now where I am considering doing crochet hook maintenance. I enjoy the craziness of my dreads, but I am worried about the roots. Some of them have thinned out at the roots, from natural pulling and stuff, a few are just barely hanging on and I have actually cut one dreadlock out, it was behind my ear and was so thin at the root I just thought I’d cut it, and the cut loose hair which is only short has now started to pull into other dreads which is cool. I have alot of loose hair, hair that has grown but hasn’t yet joined into a dreadlock, and if I used a crochet hook to pull that hair into my dreadlocks it will thicken the root sections and look neater too. But I am so against maintenance because I really just wanted to set my dreads up and then just let them be. So I’m not sure.  The thing with doing maintenance with thin dreads is that it can make them weak, and cause snapping. But not always, and it depends how often you do it.

I hope this helped. I’ll post photos of my crazy zig zaggy ones tomorrow.

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Galaxy Elephant Original Print →

Galaxy Elephant print available in my shop for first time ever!

Galaxy Elephant print

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Skin and Face Print A4 →

Skin and Face print in my shop,

Skin and Face Print A4

$10 extra for handpainted details, straight onto print to make it totally unique!

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Ethereal Monkey Original Print →

Ethereal Monkey now available as a print. Yay! 

Can do custom handmade designs, painted right onto the print in white, black, colour, glitter, whatever! An extra $10 for that to make your print one of a kind.

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